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Browse Our Product Solutions at Your Convenience

We are very excited to launch The Stellar Market Analysis Portal. This virtual marketing site allows potential clients the ability to browse our product solutions, pull auto refi counts applicable to their market, and literally explore the entire onboarding
process, at their leisure. The portal essentially eliminates the need to sit and review a PowerPoint presentation to learn more about The Stellar Auto Loan Recapture Program. It’s a form of window shopping that can be done at their convenience.

Explore Your Auto Refi Opportunity at YOUR Leisure

The Stellar Financial Group uses credit bureau information to identify households in specific charter footprints that meet a unique credit criteria profile, and that are paying a higher interest rate for their auto loan than they would at your financial institution. With The Stellar Market Analysis Portal, you can pull your refi counts based on your specific location. For a more specific auto refi counts you can upload your rate sheet to view counts by county, paper grade, monthly savings, etc.

Browse and Review Additional
Program-Related Information

In addition to pulling auto loan counts applicable to your market, here are some additional resources available:

  • Case Studies
  • Testimonials
  • Collateral Material
  • Learn More about Loan Participations
  • Sample Offer Letters
  • Case Studies
  • Stellar’s Proprietary “7 Step Process”
  • Onboarding Process Outline
  • Online Application Flow
  • Call Center Support
  • Client Dashboards
  • Ability to Schedule a Meeting on Your Time
Stellar Market Analysis Portal

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