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Certificates of Deposit are the perfect solution to your short-term deposit needs.

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Program Overview

The CD Opportunity

For many years CD rates have simply not been attractive for consumers. We were lucky to see a rate approaching 1.5%. That situation has changed drastically in just the past few months. Banks and credit unions are now showcasing rates as high as 4.5%. That is a stunning reversal from what consumers typically expected from tying up their money for a specific time period. Combine this with the uncertainty of the stock market as inflation affects earnings and ultimately stock prices, and you have a consumer looking for a safe haven for their money with a very nice return.

Unfortunately, most consumers only react when they are prompted to do so. There’s the opportunity for banks and credit unions to be aggressive with their marketing and seize a disproportionate share of deposits from both their customers and neighbors.

The Strategy

  • Be in the market quickly. We can have you in the market in less than 14 days.

  • Develop an offer that encourages non-customers to make you their PFI.

  • Utilize enhanced data to target only those consumers that have investable funds.

  • Target new potential prospects in your charter footprint.

  • Multiple marketing touch points to increase overall response rates.

  • Inbound and outbound bilingual call center.

Ready to Move Forward, or still need more information? 

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