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Stellar Rewards

We reward our clients with additional marketing funds for each dollar spent!

Program Overview

At The Stellar Financial Group, we love to show authentic gratitude to our partners’ loyalty by rewarding them with additional marketing funds!

Rewards can be used towards any of the following programs or services:

  • Account Acquisition

  • Home Equity Marketing

  • Overdraft & Privacy Mailings & Emails

  • Printing

Rewards can be redeemed for up to 20% of an Account Acquisition Campaign and up to 17% of the cost of any other campaign, minus postage if applicable. Rewards are issued at year end and have a lifespan of 12 months. Stellar Rewards points cannot be used with your core product solution.

Ready to Move Forward, or still need more information? 

Schedule a high-level discussion with our Founding Partner, George Monnier. He can answer any questions you may have about Stellar Rewards, any of our programs, the onboarding process, and the opportunity that exists in your market! You can contact George at 402-708-2425 or at