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Member Retention is Essential to Growth

Think about how much it costs to secure a new member. Now think about how little time and money you dedicate to retaining them long-term. 

With the Stellar Financial Group’s auto recapture program, an integral part of the solution is ensuring we serve every member that has an auto loan with another institution. 

Consider this important fact. If you don’t assist them in refinancing that auto loan that they originally financed at a dealership most likely at a higher interest rate than required companies like ours, and there are many, will target those members and most likely move them to a competitor. 


    Let us ensure that does not happen which will in turn accelerate overall member growth. Remember, for every member lost you need to produce two new members to grow – that’s a very costly proposition. 

    Still, think all auto loan recapture programs are the same? We’d love to show you the Stellar Difference. Thank you for watching, please visit for a free auto refinance market analysis.

    Craig Simmers | CEO & Managing Partner
    410-990-0172 |
    Craig Simmers
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