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Stellar Lead Exclusivity

Unlike many of our competitors, The Stellar Financial Group offers both member and prospective member lead exclusivity.

There is NO data overlap between clients.


  1. Each client’s confidential information is secured in separate silos.
  2. All results, reports, leads, and confidential information will not be shared with any other credit unions.
  3. Each credit union’s membership loan base is suppressed out of all credit union clients, to ensure no attrition from our program.
  4. Any lead generated through the Stellar program is exclusive to the credit union that we targeted on their behalf. No applications are shared with other financial institutions.
  5. All offer letters are uniquely coded for that credit union. All responses are driven by the promotional code assigned to that prospect.
These procedures allow for all credit unions to benefit from our success-based fee approach, without the worry of cannibalizing current and future memberships.

Still, think all auto loan recapture programs are the same? We’d love to show you the Stellar Difference. Thank you for watching, please visit for a free auto refinance market analysis.

George Monnier | Founding Partner
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George Monnier
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