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A Stellar Pricing Solution

Let’s be honest, everything in business always comes down to the money.

The difference here at The Stellar Financial Group is we don’t let money get in the way of a viable solution for our clients.

Our success-based fee structure has a solution for everyone. Our auto loan recapture program pricing is based on volume and tiered to compensate clients for producing higher volumes of funded loans. The days of one-stop fixed pricing are a thing of the past. Let’s share in our success as true partners.

Let us build a structure that supports the segment of the market you desire. Regardless of whether you target high yield or high FICO consumers, we can develop a plan that makes an ROI work for your institution. Join our growing list of clients that enjoy a return of $3 for every dollar invested.

Still, think all auto loan recapture programs are the same? We’d love to show you the Stellar Difference. Thank you for watching, please visit for a free auto refinance market analysis.

Jim Crowley

Regional Sales Director
(858) 663-7261

Jim Crowley
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