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Our Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy

One of the Stellar Financial Group’s strategic differences is our 7-Touch marketing approach to auto refinancing. While most companies mail a letter and wait for a response, we build your brand in multiple different ways. And by the way, it’s all done utilizing your brand, not ours! With our combination of a very strategic data selection process based on your lending standards, well-tested mail pieces, a three-touch calling campaign, strategically designed text & email support, and additional follow-up printed communications, we leave no stone unturned. We pay all upfront marketing costs regardless of the cost to get the response rates our clients desire. This all results in well-informed consumers ready and willing to not only open a loan account but also become long-term customers. How better to start a relationship than by helping someone save money?

Still think all auto loan recapture programs are the same? We’d love to show you the Stellar Difference.

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