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Welcome to Stellar Curt Belaney

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome our new regional sale’s director, Curt Belaney! Curt has a strong background in the auto refinance realm and will be an important addition to our team. 

The following is a message from Curt to all our clients, supporters, and prospects: 

Dear Colleague,

I am excited to join the Stellar Auto Loans team! My prior experience helping credit unions with their auto marketing and automotive lending products and services gives me an edge to working with Stellar’s Auto Loan Recapture program. This turn-key program is designed to generate new profitable loan growth and acquire new non-member households, while Stellar pays for all the marketing costs for your credit union. Much like an indirect auto program, except YOU keep the cross-sell opportunities, GAP, MBI, AD&D, etc.

I see the new Stellar Indirect Tool Kit as a solution to the low-interest margins and high member churn associated with indirect lending. This comprehensive program is designed to take new indirect loan customers and focus on sustainable PFI relationships. Do not look at indirect auto loans as a problem, embrace the opportunity that is sitting there waiting to be seized!

Contact me when you have time to discuss our revenue-generating opportunities.

Best regards,

Curt Belaney
Regional Sales Director

Curt Belaney
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