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This strategic partnership will deliver an expanded suite of products and services to their credit union lending partners.

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Annapolis, Maryland – Stellar Auto Loans continues to expand its product line with their partnership with Gravity Lending, based in Austin, Texas. Stellar Auto Loans’ Managing Partner, Craig Simmers, states that “Gravity Lending provides us the opportunity to expand and enhance the services we currently provide our lending partners. The experience and industry knowledge that Brain Jones, CEO of Gravity Lending and his team bring to the partnership has immediately proven to be a powerful driver of accelerated growth for both of our companies and our lending partner credit unions.”

Austin, Texas – Gravity Lending’s CEO, Brian Jones, says “Gravity Lending is very excited about its partnership with Stellar Auto Loans.  The marketing expertise and relationships that Stellar Auto Loans brings to the partnership are outstanding and provide us with a great foundation to build from. When you combine that with Gravity Lending’s origination capabilities, this partnership will produce outstanding results for the lenders that join the network.” 

The ultimate benefactor of this partnership will be the members of our national network of credit union lending partners. The ability to save those consumers thousands of dollars off their current auto loans has proven to have a significant effect on building long-term relationships with these consumers.

For more information on how this partnership can benefit your organization please contact Founding Partner of Stellar Auto Loans, George Monnier, at or call 402-708-2425.

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