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Let me start by wishing everyone a Happy & Prosperous 2018. This edition of Stellar Insights focuses on the trends and opportunities we have seen while servicing our client base.

We touch on a varied list of issues that have become very topical in recent months. Fintech, for example, is a topic you hear referenced on a regular basis…but how much do most people know about it? We have a great Q&A with Alex Jimenez at Zions Bancorporation addressing some key questions directed toward the community banking industry in the article entitled “Fintech Made Easy”.

In most of our previous editions we talk extensively about attrition and this edition continues that trend. We like to refer to attrition as a silent killer to growth. For instance, our “Stellar Strategic Spotlight” section discusses how many institutions overlook the key role mortgages can play in reducing household attrition. We also lay out the pros and cons of indirect versus direct auto lending. Again, this is another opportunity to positively affect attrition by adding additional products and services as well as enhance growth via auto refinance.

We sincerely hope this continued sharing of information and best practices is beneficial to you and encourage you to participate by sharing some of your experiences. We also welcome ideas or topic suggestions to feature in future newsletters.

Our sincerest thanks to Alex Jimenez for taking the time to contribute to this edition of Stellar Insights.

Let’s have a great 2018!!!!

Craig Simmers

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