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The Stellar Conversations Podcast

Let’s talk banking! 

Hosted by CEO and Founder of Stellar Strategic Group, Craig Simmers. The Stellar conversations podcast examines and analyzes opportunities and challenges in the banking industry. Everything from the pandemic’s effect on banking, to solar loans, auto refinanancing, student loans, and digital banking. Get ready to discover banking insights from leaders in the industry!

Episode 2 – Brian Jones, CEO of Gravity Lending

Join us for our second podcast with Brian Jones of Gravity Lending. Our host Craig Simmers is the Founder & CEO of Stellar Strategic Group. Craig and Brian discuss auto loans, the pandemic’s effect on the auto refinance industry, and the future of the banking industry.

Episode 1 – Lisa Bundy of CarGirl Inc.

Join Lisa Bundy of CarGirl Inc. and Craig Simmers for the first episode of Stellar Conversations. They discuss auto loan portfolios, the current demand for used cars, the pandemic’s effect on the industry, and the origins of CarGirl Inc.